LEWIS Ski Boats

LEWIS… the undisputed leader in ski and wakeboard boats, with an obsession for quality and unsurpassed performance.

Since the early 1930s LEWIS have been building Australia’s finest ski boats and have now put their name to a beautiful range of FISHING and LEISURE boats which they are proud of.

Today, there are many imitators, but we are still Australia’s undisputed #1

Over the years, LEWIS, Australia’s oldest and most respected manufacturer has earned and unmatched reputation for uncompromising quality, performance and design.

The original LEWIS boats were handcrafted with the finest woods to ensure maximum quality. Over the passing decades, the production methods have improved, but while boats are now produced with lightweight, high-quality fibreglass, the internal stringer system is still made of the finest timber available. And of course, handcrafting continues to be a vital part of the extraordinary LEWIS heritage.

However, with modern marine engineering, the LEWIS of today delivers greater speed, space and comfort than the bulky wooden boats of a bygone era.

While many things at LEWIS have changed, some things never will. We will never forget our traditional heritage. Consider our insistence on using only the finest skilled boat makers, experts in the art of gun-laying fibreglass, joining hulls and superstructures, installing engines, fitting trim and upholstery, and much more. You’ll appreciate this, when you’re out on the water. The result of this dedication is a stylish line of boats that continues to display the finest possible craftsmanship year after year.

Our years of marine industry experience have taught us many valuable lessons. Build the best possible product for the most economical and affordable price, and then stand behind that product with prompt and dependable service. Our company has grown through the years by being an innovator. That’s been out trademark, which we are proud to maintain.

Steve Parker has over 43 years’ experience in the ski boat industry and has owned LEWIS since 1982… following our purchase from Albert Lewis of the LEWIS name and the Tornado and Fireball moulds which were inoperative at the time! we set about rebuilding.

One of the most important things we did was to strive for perfection and to listen. We heard you say quality is important, so we use only the very best materials and most advanced technology available. We heard you say performance is paramount. We now have boats which set industry standards. From the original two models we have increased our range to over 30 different models over the years.

Our customers usually become interested, after talking to other LEWIS owners. We believe brochures are a poor substitute for intending buyers, so arrange a test drive and make up your own mind.

LEWIS are proud of its Australian heritage a brand that was born here in the 1930s we are glad to say we are still 100% Australian owned company and that we produce our boats on the Central Coast of NSW.

We are a family owned business, so we understand where you, the customer is coming from…




Challenger 2280

The only choice in wakeboard boat design and power

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Challenger 2080

Everything the 2280 does its just 2 foot less in length

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The ride and room an active family needs to spend a day on the water comfortably

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Eclipse V Drive

Wake  boarding at its best with V Drive technology

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A stylish looking boat that catches the eye as it has modern looking well-proportioned body

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Outback is the best value boat in its class for wake boarding enthusiasts

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A unique visual signature while retaining the flowing lines of the Outback

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Moomba Convex

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